We are very excited about our sailing adventures aboard the Tall Ship Jeanie jeanie_b_2.jpgB.  Here are a few facts that may answer some questions you might have.

The Schooner Jeanie B.
Our 72′ Gaff Rigged Schooner is a classic design based upon the famous working class schooners of the Seventeen and Eighteen Hundreds with the splendid addition of modern navigational equipment for safety and a robust diesel engine for days when the wind gets lazy.  We are USCG inspected and approved to carry 25 passengers.

Washington Waterfront
The Schooner Jeanie B’s home port is the historic Washington Waterfront where she is berthed on Dock C.  Our cruising ground is the upper Pamlico River from Washington to Bath, North Carolina, famous for one of its earliest residents, Edward Teach, AKA Blackbeard the Pirate.  Along with our 1/2 day excursions, offer extended multi-day adventures throughout the Pamlico Sound to the Islands of Ocracoke, Hatteras, Manteo and the Bahamas.

Our Cruises:
Our 1/2 Day River Excursion and our Evening Sunset Cruises are around 3 hours in length starting at the Washington Waterfront proceeding south along the Pamlico River 5 to 7 nautical miles toward Blount Bay.  Along the way we will experience the environmental wonderland of the Pamlico River where wildlife is prolific.  We regularly see Osprey, Cormorants Pelicans and Sea Gulls along with a multitude of fish turtles and even pods of Dolphin.

Want to learn to sail?
During the trip we invite our passengers to participate in the sailing experience by raising and trimming the sails and even taking hold of the wheel and piloting our schooner under the watchful eye and direction of Captain Paul.  Go for it!   Fun is what we’re here for.  Warm weather?  Bring your bathing suit.  We’ll stop for a refreshing swim in the river.  Don’t worry, there are no sharks here.

What to bring?
A light jacket is recommended for most weather.  Use your judgment.  It can a little cooler on the water.
Feel free to bring along any snacks or meals you would like.  We will provide coolers and a microwave if you have a need.  Adults are allowed to bring any alcoholic beverages of choice for responsible consumption.

How much does it cost?
$25. per person for 1/2 Day River Excursion and our Evening Sunset Cruise. Children under 12 are ½ price.

Our Schedule
River Excursion – 1 to 3:30pm
Sunset Cruise    – 5 to 7:30pm
River Excursion – 1 to 3:30pm
Sunset Cruise    –  5 to 7:30pm

River Excursion – 1 to 3:30pm
Sunset Cruise    –  5 to 7:30pm

River Excursion – 1 to 3:30pm
Sunset Cruise    –  5 to 7:30pm

Other sailing dates are available upon request.

All ages are welcome.   Handicap accessible.  Custom cruises available for corporate and special events.

Please view our YouTube videos at:

Thanks for your interest.  We are looking forward to sailing with you and please feel free to call anytime.

Fair Winds
Captain Paul